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Corn Field Barn

1400 E 8th
Hays, KS

Phone: (785)-628-6712
Fax: 785-628-6793


Great work. They took their time and did quality work!

-Suzanne Becking

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Pressure and Power Washing

Your Mess is our Business

Most homeowners and business owners are great about cleaning the inside of their homes and businesses, but seem to neglect the outside!  But don’t worry, that is why Restore and Clean is here to help!

We offer the best residential and commercial power washing for every nook and cranny on the outside of your house or commercial property. You can expect a thorough job and top-notch customer service whenever our professionals arrive on the scene.

If you have a stubborn surface that needs to be cleaned, give us a call today!

Concrete Surfaces

An unidentified man uses a power washer to clean mold and grime off the siding of a house.

Siding & Guttering


Man cleaning red concrete pavement blocks using high pressure water cleaner. Paving cleani


Backyard Washing



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